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12 Feb 2014

Androgel Side Effects

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In a recently published edition of the American Medical Association journal, testosterone supplementation has been linked to the increased chances of cardiac arrests and other health disorders for men. Research shows that men who use testosterone supplementation have a 30% higher chance of suffering from a heart attack or death within the first few years of use.

Why Men resort to Androgel

In the modern era, men have become machines with social needs. While most of them are committed to work for at least 5 days of the week, they are unable to keep up with the health demands of their body. The aspirational value of having a well-toned, muscular body and improving their sex life has men resorting to the Androgel supplement. In fact in the last decade the supplement industry has grown nearly 5 times which proves that more and more people have started using supplements.

The Adverse Effect of Androgel

Testosterone Supplement Side EffectsSome of the commonly seen adverse effects include mood swings, sleeping disorders as well as liver related problems. Many men who have used these supplements for long also seem to have complains about abdominal pain and erectile dysfunctions.

While the above mentioned seem to bearable side effects, there can be serious issues including cardiac arrest, stroke, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and pulmonary embolism (PE).

In addition, as a result of using Androgel, the body tends to hold on to a larger amount of water, often referred to as edema. Such a condition can further lead to cardiac trouble. Men are known to have heart attacks or chest pain as a result. If you see symptoms like short breaths, swollen hands/feet or feeling extremely tired, you must report it to a physician at the soonest possible. There have been cases where Androgel has proven to be fatal due to the symptoms being ignored.

With several researches pointing towards the potential adverse effects of Androgel, people are becoming aware of the threat. While many of them go ahead to consult a doctor for their dosage, others have started looking at possible symptoms to be sure that they do not fall victim.

Considering Legal Action

Men who have had to face the adverse effects fall prey to a long term illness or life threatening conditions. In the case that you have had to face such issues, you should consider looking for an expert Androgel lawsuit lawyer to represent you. Experienced lawyers can help you file Androgel class action lawsuits and have a thorough knowledge on how to handle cases against the large pharmaceutical companies.

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