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12 Feb 2014

Androgel Cardiac Arrest Lawsuits

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The demand for Androgel is ever increasing.  It is evident from the fact that the supplement market has grown five folds in the last few years. While there are a lot of supplement manufacturers that spend heavily on promoting the product as a health booster, many men are also becoming increasingly aware of the hazards of such unnatural injection of testosterone in the body.

Testosterone Cardiac Arrest LawsuitsCardiac arrest is one of the possible side effects of Androgel if taken over a longer duration. There have been multiple cases of heart related issues being reported and cardiac arrests have been quite common. In fact research proves that men taking Androgel face a bigger scare of cardiac arrest as opposed to others.

Androgel class action lawsuits are being filed by men and on behalf of men who have suffered a cardiac arrest caused by Androgel.

How Androgel Causes Cardiac Arrest

On continued intake of Androgel, the body starts developing blood clots. These blood clots can block the free flow of blood to the important organs in the body including the heart. This can also not allow the heart to contract in a regular manner and thus cause a cardiac arrest.

Cardiac arrest is a condition that is reversible if the treatment is immediately. Any kind of sudden cardiac arrest can lead to the death of a person within a span of a few minutes. When a person suffers from a cardiac arrest, the blood and oxygen to be supplied to the brain also stops. This can also lead to brain damage, which if not attended to can also lead to the death of a person.

It is imperative that a person who suffers from cardiac arrest is given immediate CPR treatment. This can help to reverse the effect and help the person keep alive until more medical help arrives.

Symptoms of Cardiac Arrest

Many a times patients die because people around them do not realize that the person is suffering from a cardiac arrest. Most people believe that the person might have fainted due to some other reason. Here are some of the symptoms of a person who suffers a cardiac arrest:

  • Collapses immediately
  • No breathing
  • Zero pulse

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