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10 Feb 2014

Lawsuit Filed For AndroGel Drug Injuries

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An AndroGel lawsuit was filed last week by five men who claim they were injured by the testosterone gel AndroGel.  The suit was filed in a federal court in Chicago, Illinois against Abbot Laboratories (ABT) and AbbVie, Inc., a company that was spun off from the main corporation last year.  The men allege in the lawsuit that the company used deceptive advertising and marketing methods and failed to disclose many of the serious risks of the drug.

AndroGel testosterone supplement has been widely marketed to men as a drug that will increase their energy, six drive, and help change their body type.  Although the drug may have some benefits, the risks of injury and harm are now being discovered.  Many recent studies in medical journals have found that testosterone supplements, like AndroGel, increase the risk of many serous health conditions, including stroke and heart attack.

The testosterone supplement market is booming thanks to expensive media marketing campaigns.  Numerous pharmaceutical companies sell the drug in a variety of different delivery methods, ranging from a topical solution to a gel to injections.  Each drug poses its own health risks.

AndroGel also poses a risk of harm to woman, children, partners, and other people who may have accidental contact with someone who has applied the medication to himself.  The gel can transfer to an innocent person and cause secondary injuries.  Both children and women have been identified as possible victims of this accidental transfer.

If you presently take or have previously taken the AndroGel drug supplement and suffered a heart attack, stroke, or other serious health condition you do have legal rights.  Call our testosterone drug lawsuit attorneys today at (866) 280-4722 to learn more about these lawsuits and how you may be entitled to compensation from the drug company.


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