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28 Apr 2014

How much compensation can I receive in an AndroGel lawsuit?

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The amount of compensation that you can receive from an AndroGel lawsuit has not yet been determined.  The first lawsuits have been filed and are currently being litigated.  It is too early to tell at this point if the cases will settle and if so,  the amount of those settlements.

The compensation to men, and their families, will be determined by a number of important factors during the course of the lawsuit.  Factors will include:

The type of harm, or medical condition, suffered from using AndroGel

The type of medical treatment needed due to AndroGel complications

The effect of the harm caused by AndroGel on  the life of the person

The economic losses, like lost income, suffered by the person due to AndroGel complications

Other potential economic factors

To determine if you are eligible for compensation in an AndroGel lawsuit, you should contact our attorneys today to discuss your case at (866) 280-4722 for your Free Confidential Case Review.  We will obtain all of the necessary information and let you know if you have a case.

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